Sample Menus

  • Action Stations

    Action stations add excitement and interest to your party while allowing your guests to sample a wide variety of foods a little at a time. Your guests will be delighted when they get to choose exactly what they want to eat while not being overwhelmed

  • Sample Backyard Barbecue Buffet Menu

    As your guests arrive, they will enjoy our homemade... Festive Homemade Salsas and Chips Our homemade tomato salsa and roasted corn with black bean salsa served with tortilla chips The grill buffet begins with these tasty and colorful salads...

  • Sample Buffet Dinner Menu

    Rebecca and Steve's Wedding Celebration All items on the hors d' oeuvre and entree buffet will be displayed on expertly garnished mirrors, platters and in baskets and placed on risers. The table will be decorated with seasonal fresh flowers, whole f

  • Sample Cocktail Party Menu

    Stationary Buffet Crudite, Cheese, and Vegetable Sushi, served with Assorted Dips and Crackers Mediterranean Hummus and Baba Ganoosh served with Toasted Pita Triangles Southwest Tomato & Black Bean Roasted Corn Salsas served with Tortilla

  • Sample Live Grill Buffet Menu

    It’s the most unique and appealing barbecue that you’ve ever experienced! A “Live” Grill is a great idea for a get-together as informal as a birthday party, or can be customized to be elegant enough for a reception. What is “live” about O

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