Gerskys in the Mahopac News (part 2)

By working together, Mercadante’s & Gersky’s has been able to expand business, handling both large and small events. A recent large event was the cutting ceremony for the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.

Like any other large-scale event, Gershman handled the customer side of the Rockefeller Center event. He was surprised to have to handle the preliminaries of the event without any details. “I asked, ‘What is this event?’ and they said they couldn’t tell me. So I asked where it was, and they said they couldn’t tell me that, either.” He worked around these issues, and was contracted to secrecy before the big day. At the event they served a breakfast of coffee, bagels, their homemade cider donuts, and pastries to over 400 people on Bullet Hole Road.

“I ask those same questions to the people hosting any event. Whether it’s a bride or the parents of a bar mitzvah, I ask them two important questions: ‘What do you want your guests to feel, see, and react when they walk into your event?’ and ‘What do you want them to remember a year later?’” Gershman uses these considerations, as well as his skill for organization to create a detailed plan for the event. He then gives direction to Mercadante and the kitchen staff.

“After he’s booked a party for us, it’s easy. We prepare the food as the customer requested” Then grinning, Mercadante said. “Unless they change the order a thousand times before the day. Then we look at each other in the back and say, ‘Oh, no.’”
Mercadante also creates the smaller meals that families can enjoy every day or for special occasions.

For Thanksgiving, they have prepared oven-ready turkeys, which are seasoned and ready to be home cooked, along with sides like pumpkin soup, brie and Gran Marnier glazed walnuts in puff pastry, maple yams, and garlic whipped potatoes.
In addition to their special holiday and party selections, the deli has daily specials, including their $5.99 pasta or salad toss for lunch, where patrons can customize their own hot pasta or cold salad dish, and a $29.99 dinner-for-four prepared meal.

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