Gersky’s Feature Interview — CakeSquared (Brewster, NY)

This week we had the chance to chat with Jennifer Giordano, owner of CakeSquared in Brester, NY about her business, variety of flavors, and what’s next.

You started your business about a year ago — What did you do before? What have been the biggest challenges/rewards in the first year?

Jennifer Giordano: I was a stay at home mom, and before that I was a gymnastics coach.

Do you have anyone else working with you, or it is just you?

JM: Nope, just me.

Do you have any big goals for year 2?

JM: I want to work on opening a store front.

Why the square cupcake?

JM: The cupcakes are square because I wanted my cakes and cupcakes to be different.

With all the unique flavors you offer (margarita, cinnamon bun, cappuccino  etc), do you have a favorite of your own?

JM: My favorite is the simple chocolate with vanilla buttercream.

Are there other flavors that you haven’t figured out how to make in to a cupcake/cake? Any bizarre or strange requests?

JM: Nope, I haven’t been stumped yet.

Any other special events or updates we should know about?

JM: Very, very busy with orders.


For more info and updates, be sure to follow CakeSquared on Facebook.

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