You’re Physically Distancing … But You Can Still Be Social and Share Food, Fun and Good Times

We’re together in this new normal – physical distancing and, for some of us, isolation, as we handle an unprecedented event. So how can you stay connected and still share food and fun with friends and family? Why not try one of these ideas:

Idea 1: BYOB Neighborhood Cocktail Hour

On Friday, March 27, International Whisky Day, we got together with our neighbors for a BYOB gathering – everyone at least six feet apart of course! We hung out on the street and lawn with spouses and children and everyone lifted a glass to each other. Those who could, brought musical instruments and played. A very fun way to spend about an hour and talk in person with those other than housemates.

Idea 2: Have Sunday Dinner with A Loved One

Why not have Sunday (or any other day for that matter) dinner with a loved one whom you can’t connect with in person? You’re cooking anyway right? Choose a day of the week and talk in advance about the meals you are both going to prepare like our Blue Cheese Apple Stuffed Chicken or Feta Shrimp Scampi. On the evening of the dinner, lay out your best cloth, place mats, dishes and/or glassware. Call each other using Face Time, Google Duo, Zoom Meeting or whatever other virtual chat tool you’ve downloaded on your phone, tablet or laptop. We suggest starting by explaining the meal you created then, as you eat each course, catch up on family, work and other buzz.

Idea 3: Send a Care Package with a Home Made Treat

As soon as I’ve finished writing this blog, I’m going to whip up a batch of candied walnuts to send to my son in Portland, OR, and to my sister whom I usually see all the time but haven’t for three weeks. I know they both will enjoy receiving these treats and they are easy to make and ship well. Worried about standing in line at the post office? Don’t. Just package up your treat and print a mailing label from home. You just need to set up a USPS account. Drop it at the post office or hand it to your letter carrier along with a portion for her. You’ll make everyone’s day!

One final thought that isn’t food related. If you are seeking ideas to help you and/or family members handle the extended alone time or spending hours inside with your kids, the Cleveland Clinic can help. Click HERE to read How to Stay Connected to Loved Ones Despite Social Distancing.

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