Should You Hire a Server For Your Family and Friends Holiday Bash This Year? Absolutely!

September and October, with crisp weather and dwindling days, can’t help but make you think of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the December holidays and the parties that are fast approaching. Perhaps you’re the neighbor who goes all out with a massive Halloween costume party. Maybe you host the family Thanksgiving dinner for 25 like Gloria or a December gathering with 100 guests like Diane, both good friends of mine.
Diane, whom I’ve known since high school (and that’s more years than I care to reveal), has hosted a Christmas party on December 23 for the past 35 years. Friends, work colleagues, neighbors and family attend this huge bash that we look forward to year after year. Prior to two years ago, she did all the cooking, serving and clean up herself – a yeoman’s task for anyone, but now she has the party catered. Of course, she still makes her own delicious home made desserts including yummy lemon bars and apple cake.
But the biggest change to hosting this annual event? Hiring a server. What a difference it’s made! I’ve noticed how relaxed and how much more fun she’s having at her own party. Hiring just one server for your gathering at home, whether you make the food or have it catered, will make all the difference.
Our best 3 tips for server tips for your next at-home event?
1. If you’re using a caterer, hire the serving staff through them. They’ve vetted and trained their personnel so you know you’re getting the best. If you are making or purchasing the menu items yourself, check with a local caterer like Gersky’s to see if you can hire servers through them.
2. Always have the server arrive at least 1 hour before the event starts and stay at least an hour at the end of the party. I cannot stress enough the importance of having help to set up AND clean up. If your budget is tight, do your own set up, then have the server arrive a few hours into the party and stay for the clean up.
3. Be very specific with the server as to what you expect. If your primary goal is to have them collect and wash dishes & glasses during the party or to keep the buffet platters filled, let them know this in advance. Giving an overview of the food, beverages and your home’s layout, including where to find extra glasses, serving pieces etc., will also ensure success.
Of course, Gersky’s knows how to make your holiday events fun and stress free. We can help with the planning, provide the menu items and a server or two so you enjoy your company! It’s not too early to plan for the holidays so call Howie today at 845-621-0696.
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