Fall Party Tips and Recipes

gourd-basketWhile the autumn weather remains fair, why not host an outdoor party? Gersky’s Catering offers these tips for staying warm and nurturing your guests at your next fall gathering.

Tip #1: Work with the Weather

The invitation should say that the party will be held outdoors, weather permitting. Guests can wear a hoodie or light jacket if the temperature is cool. Provide cozy throw blankets on deck chairs, in case a guest feels chilly. Light an outdoor fireplace or fire pit.

Tip #2: Have an Indoor Backup Plan

Check the weather forecast one or two days before. Be ready to move the party indoors if the weather doesn’t cooperate. After sunset, when the temperature drops, serve hot cider indoors.

Tip #3: Make Fall Centerpieces

Visit the craft store to find centerpiece materials. Or look outside in nature. Autumn leaf bouquets, candle displays, or hollow pumpkin centerpieces set the mood for the season.

Tip #4: Cook on the Fire

Fall weather is the perfect time to cook outdoors. At a casual gathering, guests might enjoy roasting marshmallows and hot dog wieners on sticks. Provide chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers for s’mores.

Tip #5: Serve Cups of Soup

Creamy hot soup is hearty and warming. Use seasonal ingredients such as apples, potatoes and winter squash. Suggestions: Turnip Leek (and Potato) Soup, Roasted Apple, Potato and Squash Soup, Spicy Sweet Potato Apple Soup.

Tip #6: Counteract Chill with Chili

Make mild chili and invite heat-lovers to add extra spices at the table. Suggestions: Quinoa Chili, Sweet and Spicy Beef Chili, Bourbon Beef Chili.

Tip #7: Provide Seasonal Desserts

Use in-season ingredients for desserts. Suggestions: Apple CakePumpkin Cranberry Banana BreadSweet Potato Cookies.

Tip #8: Provide a Party Favor

Punctuate the end of the party with a fall-themed party favor. Caramel apples, bags of fancy popcorn, small sacks of Halloween candy, and bags of foil-wrapped chocolate pumpkins make excellent party favors to take home.

Gersky’s can cater your next gathering. Contact us for details.

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