El Dia de los Muertos – A Time to Remember and Commemorate Family and Friends

El Dia de los Muertos, The Day of the Dead, is a holiday celebrated throughout Mexico and by people of Mexican heritage throughout the world. It’s not meant to be scary or sinister like Halloween but is a celebration of life and a homage to ancestors.

The Day of the Day is celebrated by dressing up in costumes featuring skull painted faces, creating alters to the dead to commemorate departed friends and relatives, festooning the alters, themselves and their homes with colorful flowers including, traditionally, marigolds and feasting, of course! This year, Day of the Dead festivities begin on Thursday October 31 and end on Saturday, November 2.

Costumes are important however you’d not be surprised to learn that eating is a major part of this celebration as well. A Day of the Dead party should include more than the ubiquitous sugar cookies painted like skulls, that you’re probably familiar with, but include feasting on traditional favorites such as tamales, mole negro, pan de muerto – Day of the Dead bread, calabaza en tacha – candied pumpkin, calaveras de azucar – sugar skulls and, of course, Mexican hot chocolate to ward of the chill of the evening.

So why not change up your traditional Halloween party this year by hosting a Day of the Dead celebration for family and friends? Suggest that your guests come dressed in traditional Dia de los Muertos costumes and serve traditional foods and libations. Click here for more unique appetizer, dinner and dessert ideas that will please adults and kids alike.

Of course, if you take care of the guests, costumes & decorations, Gersky’s will take care of the food – for this party or others you’re hosting from now through New Years.  Just give us a call at 845-621-0696. We will help you realize your vision for this or any other event.

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