Celebrate Your Wedding in Style…And Save Money Too!

According to The Knot, the average cost of wedding is now over 30,000. But do you really need to spend that much to have an affair to remember? I don’t think so!

To help you throw a fantastic ceremony and reception that your friends and relatives will remember years later, while staying on budget, we have ideas and tips for budgetingfinding a unique wedding venue that won’t break your budget, and hosting an indoor or outdoor event. In this blog we’re sharing 5 more money-saving ideas that you may not have considered to keep your costs under control.

Tip 1: Save on the ring. While we’ve been taught that diamonds are the preferred choice, why not think nontraditional? When I got married in 1973 (yes, that long ago!) I eschewed the traditional diamond engagement ring and opted for a unique gold filigree band in a chevron shape with a beautiful opal. Why not think out of the box like using your grandmom’s ruby ring, a sterling or gold ring from your favorite vintage shop, or a new one with your, or your intended’s, birthstone.

Tip 2: Your guests can be the photographers. A friend’s son got married some years back and instead of using a professional photographer, the couple asked friends and family to click away with their phones throughout the day. They also placed an instant camera on each table at the reception. Guests uploaded images and videos to the  wedding website and the instant photos were made into a unique album.

Tip 3: Keep the invitations simple. I’m a paper craft enthusiast and you can be too! Craft emporium, like Michaels or Paper Source stock a wealth of do-it yourself invitation papers, envelopes, stamps, ink, and ribbon. Often, these stores offer classes on the how to.

Tip 4: Save on the cake – don’t get one! This one is quite simple. As gorgeous as the wedding cakes you’ve seen at weddings are, they can cost upwards of $1000. Try a cupcake tower or have a simple sweets table with a small cake for you to cut.

Tip 5: Go simplistic and clean with the flowers
. At the dollar store, buy small vases and battery or wax candles (3 – 5 of each for each table) in a variety of shapes and sizes. Place one or two stems in each vase and cluster these with the candles, adding a few greens or confetti.

Of course Gersky’s is your go-to for the food for your reception and, regardless of the venue or the size of your reception, we will provide delectable menu items from Action and Carving Stations to a backyard BBQ to a full served or buffet dinner.

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