Brilliant Budget-Friendly Summer Parties for Everyone

Brilliant Budget-Friendly Summer Parties for Everyone

Prices might be going up everywhere, but that doesn’t mean they need to put a damper on your next party. You can still save money and have a fun and exciting event this summer. These budget-friendly summer party ideas will have you reveling in the good times with your friends and family!


Host a potluck

Large guest list? Potluck-style parties are a wonderful way to save time and money. Everyone can bring something. An appetizer, main dish, dessert, or drinks. Just be sure you keep track of who is bringing what.  You don’t want 10 bowls of potato salad. The pressure to serve is lessened and instead, you get to enjoy time with your guests while all of you get to enjoy an array of deliciously different foods. You can also theme your potluck and ask guests to bring dishes that match the theme. Host a contest for the best in each category and give out prizes if you like!


BYOB cheese and wine

Adults only?  Host a cheese and wine party.  And do it as a potluck. Your guests each bring a bottle of wine. You set up an array of cheeses, meats, jams, olives, and other charcuterie delights.


Movie night in the backyard

This beautiful summer weather won’t last forever, but if the heat gets you down, consider having your party at night. Then you can host a backyard movie night. Put up a projection screen and serve sodas, popcorn, and candy. If you have a pool, you can have guests sit in the rafts and float while they watch the movie.


Throw a pool party

Perhaps the best part of summer is all that pool time. If you have a pool, you can simply make it the focal point of your shindig. Set up some light snacks or fire up the grill. Get the pool toys and water games and let everyone entertain themselves. No pool? No problem! Use your hose to power up slip-n-slides and other water-based yard toys. It’s a great way to keep guests cool, and it will most certainly keep the kids busy.


Choose catering

With graduations, weddings, and other big summer celebrations, these events tend to have more guests in attendance. Instead of running yourself ragged trying to organize everything, it’s far more budget-friendly to hire a caterer. Gersky’s is happy to help for all your special occasions no matter the size so you can enjoy the event yourself. And it costs less than you think because we have an array of options to suit any party’s needs.


Let us take the stress out of your summer events starting with your budget and you’ll be excited about your summer party!




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