5 Wonderful Ways to Celebrate Dads and Grads

5 Wonderful Ways to Celebrate Dads and Grads


Before summer celebrations begin, Father’s Day and graduations will sweep the nation. Since they’re so close together, make it one big event everyone can attend all at once. If there are many dads and grads in your family, it’s a smart way to include everyone for a big celebration.


But what can you do to celebrate the dads and grads in your family tree? We have a few ideas!


  1. Host a backyard cookout

Minimize your stress with a simple and classic cookout. This classic way to celebrate is always a big hit with everyone. If you have a pool, it will be even more fun for everyone!


  1. Rent out a picnic pavilion

Another way to celebrate your dads and grads is to rent a park pavilion. The weather is gorgeous at this time of year, plus you won’t have to host it at your house. And if you’re worried about social distancing, it’s easier to do so outside. There’s more space for you to add games for kids and adults alike so everyone can have fun.


  1. Speaking of games… Add some games to the mix

Wherever you conduct your celebration, don’t forget the games. A relay race where dads and grads have to team up to win is a great way to make the day more fun. You can also have the dads compete amongst themselves (same for the grads too) and award prizes for the winners.


  1. Bring on the brunch

Father’s Day is a fantastic brunching holiday. If you combine it with a graduation celebration, it’s going to make your brunch even more phenomenal. Consider some bottomless mimosas for the adults. And make kid-friendly ones with orange juice and club soda to give it that fun fizziness. Reserve a table at your favorite brunch spot if you’d prefer, or get more bang for your buck by having it catered in the comfort of your home.


  1. Create a Dad and Grad night

These happy occasions deserve celebration so why not treat the dads and grads to a night on the town? Have the grads whisked away in a limo to a restaurant and pick up the tab, or be a part of it with a catered event at home so you don’t have to lift a finger. For dads, let them have a night on the town. Tickets to a sporting event, treat them to a bowling night, or reserve a VIP area in their favorite taproom are all great ideas.


Naturally, celebrating dads and grads tends to involve food. Food is a bond we all share through our many milestones. Even for those that love to cook, planning a big event is exhausting. That’s especially true when you’ve got a graduation to attend. You’ll likely have to rush home, set up everything, serve your guests, and clean up too. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.  Give yourself the gift of Gersky’s and we’ll be there to delight your taste buds and make you, your dads, grads, and all your other guests enjoy your epic event.

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