5 Tips to Your Best Summer Gatherings for Grownups

5 Tips to Your Best Summer Gatherings for Grownups


Summer is here and that’s the best reason we’ve ever heard of for celebrating. There doesn’t need to be a special occasion…simply invite your neighbors, family, and friends over to have some fun. Whether you want to have a meet and greet or simply revel in the sunshine, these 5 tips will ensure you’ll create a memorable event!


  1. Create a signature cocktail

For an afternoon or evening among adults, choose a cocktail that meets the theme of your event. It could be a certain color or a tropical flavor, but it will certainly add plenty of fun. You can also create a mocktail version for those that don’t wish to imbibe or for any children that may attend.


  1. Have something to keep kids busy

If your guests will be bringing children along, set up a few simple games they can play in the yard. There are plenty of water toys, bubble blowers, and outdoor toys to entertain them. Have a backup in case it rains like kid-friendly movies so that the adults can enjoy themselves.


  1. Consider a contest

Why not offer a giveaway? It could be as simple as guessing how many jelly beans are in a jar. Relay races with teams are a great way to have fun and keep guests active too. Parties are even more fun when there’s a chance to win something.


  1. Don’t forget the music

Set up your stereo to play through the speakers in your yard. Create a playlist with songs that match your summery setup. You can’t go wrong with Jimmy Buffett to transport everyone to Margaritaville! You can also go even bigger by hiring a band or a DJ to do it for you.


  1. Serve fun party foods

What’s a party without any food? It doesn’t need to be complicated though. Think of things that your guests can grab and enjoy rather than trying to host a seated event. Make sure you have options that are versatile too. If any children are attending, it’s good to have something they won’t be picky about. Burgers and hotdogs are always a great idea because your guests can top them the way they like. Don’t forget about baked beans, potato salad, pasta salad, fresh fruits, and desserts either.


No matter what you serve though, expect to be busy. You can prepare ahead of time but you will still spend most of the event grilling or cooking in your kitchen. Why miss out on the fun though? Instead, let Gersky’s help you by catering your adult event.


Whether your party is huge with gobs of guests or it’s a more intimate gathering, you can truly entertain your attendees when you don’t have to cook or serve anything. Our barbecue menu is perfect for summer with the foods everyone likes – burgers, hotdogs, corn on the cob, grilled teriyaki chicken, and plenty more.


We also offer add-ons like steamed clams and mussels, steak fajitas, tortellini salad, and garden vegetable burgers, to name a few. You can go for a clam bake, a Texas feast, or even an all vegetarian barbecue. Ask us about our other menus too should you want to make this summer party a more formal or upscale style. We’re always ready to dish up the best for your event all summer long!


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