4 Ways to Give the Gift of Food for the Holidays

Gearing up for all that holiday shopping? Instead of driving yourself mad trying to find a gift that’s both affordable and well-received, think of the one thing that everyone loves…food!


Giving food as a gift for the winter holidays is one of the best ideas of all. Everyone enjoys food…  and you won’t go broke checking everyone off your gift list. Wondering how to make it happen? Read on for 4 ways to give the magic of food to delight friends, loved ones, and coworkers too!


Make a special treat

Few things are as heartwarming as a homemade treat. Make sure the foods you prepare keep well. Cookies, brownies, or even gourmet popcorn in a tin all ship well. They’re also economical, allowing you to stretch your holiday budget even further without excluding anyone.


Sign them up for a food subscription

Know someone that loves coffee, wine, or even gourmet sauces, seafood, and prime cuts of steak? There are tons of food and beverage subscription options you can sign loved ones up for. Each one has its own price range and different tiers so you don’t spend more than you can comfortably afford. Best of all, there’s no wrapping involved. Simply order it in their name and wait for them to receive the first of their food subscription!


Look for specialized food baskets

Of course, you can always give a one-time gift rather than a subscription that delivers on a monthly. Food baskets make a perfectly lovely gift to give. You can create your own by buying your own baskets and filling them with non-perishable goodies.


Go for something classic with a bottle of champagne, caviar, crackers, and gourmet chocolates. Or think outside the box (or basket in this case) by filling it with oven mitts, staple baking ingredients, and mini muffin trays. There are so many ways to get creative here by tailoring a basket for each person you love. And if you don’t want to put one together yourself, you can always order a ready-made one that’s ready to go.


Give a gift certificate to Gersky’s

For loved ones that live in the Hudson Valley, one of the best gifts you can ever give is a gift certificate to Gersky’s. They can use it whenever they feel ready to host an event at their home or other location. Or they can simply order a few tasty platters to avoid cooking over the winter holidays. Everyone loves the feel of dining out without having to go anywhere.


Stop struggling with that stack of ugly Christmas sweaters and rummaging through piles of sales items to find gifts. Make life easier on yourself and others by giving food as a gift for the holidays. It’s a one-size-fits-all option that you can customize with complete ease for all the people on your holiday list!

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