Getting Ready for a Backyard Party: 3 Tips

garden hose cubeBefore the caterers arrive, make sure your yard is ready for guests.

Remove Clutter: Ensure the party area is clear of unnecessary or unsightly items. Remove toys, tools, excessive knickknacks and decorations, unneeded grills and outdoor furniture, and pool cleaning supplies. Mitigate any trip hazards. The garden hose can be stored in a hose hideaway cube, for example.

Call the Gardener: The lawn, bushes, trees, patio, and deck should be spic-and-span. Remove all animal waste and small loose rocks. Make sure the lawn is freshly mowed and shrubs are trimmed back. Trees may also need trimming or pruning. The ground should be clear of grass clippings, tree trimmings, leaves, and trash. Wash the deck and patio clean with a hose or power washer. Clean patio furniture and other surfaces. Weed the garden and complete any needed yard maintenance.

Light it Up: Your caterer may have arranged for outdoor lighting in the tent. Check in to see if any additional lighting is needed. String outdoor lighting in the party area. Test the lighting in advance, and make sure no one could trip on the cords.

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