Are Ready for The BIG GAME on February 2nd?

Super Bowl Sunday is February 2nd this year & you don’t want to fumble if you’re hosting a neighborhood, family and/or friends Big Game bash. Is it for football fans only? Couples? Families with kids? An all day event or just a viewing party? Follow our tips & tricks to plan the ultimate party that your guests will still be talking about next August during the preseason.

Make a plan:

  • Make your Big Game guest list, choose the time frame, decide on the food & beverages as well as the party supplies you’ll need including decorations, cups, plates & utensils, serving platters/bowls/baskets, coolers and ice

Invite the guests:

  • Let them know by text, email, social media, etc & include an RSVP by date or “regrets only” to spare yourself loads of texts or emails. Is this a covered dish party, bring your own beverage or food to share or will you be providing everything? Let your guests know in advance & make a suggestion as to what they should bring.
  • Although everyone loves nacho cheese Doritos, saying “bring whatever you’d like” might result in 10 bags of chips and not much else, which will be a downer. Our best tip? As the host, provide the main food which could be sandwiches, chili & fixins’, or deli trays & bread and split your guest list into 3 categories: beverages, snacks and desserts.

Speaking of Guests:

  • This is the most important decision you’ll make to guarantee a successful Super Bowl party. Don’t disappoint yourself or other hard-core football fans by inviting family and friends with small children if your aim is to actually watch & enjoy the game. If so, make it an adults only party and be firm in this decision.
  • If a family party is more to your liking, set up two party rooms in your home – one for those who have come to talk & socialize, providing games, crayons, coloring books etc for the kids and another just for game watching.


  • Super Bowl day parties are the ultimate in eating and snacking. Be sure to provide a variety of items to satisfy everyone, which should include heartier fare like chili, meatballs or barbecue (to balance out all that beer) as well as a variety of finger foods that are easy to pick up and eat like pre-made sandwiches (our favorite), chips & dips, pizza or wings.
  • Our best tip? Make sure you have plenty of food and a few items to satisfy guests who are gluten-free or vegetarian.
  • Guests will make multiple trips to the kitchen or buffet table during the game to savor those hearty main course items, but be sure have several other tables set up in the TV rooms with snacks and finger foods to grab during the big plays.

It’s not too early to order your party food including appetizer trays, cold or hot entrees, and/or sandwich platters. Of course, Gersky’s is here to help with the food and any other aspects of your entertainment plan including tables, chairs, paper products, etc. We have a extensive menu of food items from appetizers to hot entrees that will be sure to please your guests. If cooking is more your style, be sure to check out our Recipes page where you will find many ideas including soups, salads and hot entrees like meat loaf, baked lemon gin wings and our scrumptious mac and cheese that’s sure to please.

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