7 Tips for a Stellar Super Bowl Party – On a Slightly Smaller Scale

Whatever the New Year of 2021 brings, one thing is for sure… it’s almost time for Super Bowl 55. There’s no reason to skip the celebration though. In fact, if you plan it just right, you can throw down a stellar party. Just on a smaller scale.


These 7 tips will help you do just that as you cheer your favorite team to victory!

1. Score big with pre-batched cocktails

Instead of spending time tending the bar, make a few pitchers of everyone’s favorite cocktails. Margaritas and sangria are easy to prep ahead. Individual servings are also big for drinks from beer to wine. Cans of soda and juice are great for mixers as well as for any guests that don’t imbibe.

2. Make it festive with decorations

You could have friends and family over any time, but Super Bowl is your chance to have fun with the décor. From Super Bowl banners to supplying everyone with their own foam fingers to take home, you have plenty of options. Pom poms work well too and are great to pick up and cheer with when your team lands a touchdown.

3. Don’t forget about seating

Having plenty of room for your Super Bowl party crew is an especially important thought these days. If you can, try hosting it outside, but if not, open the sliding glass door and windows and turn on the fans to keep air circulating. As for seating, think tailgate-chic with those collapsible chairs that you’d normally tote along to a tailgate party.

4. Keep it clean

Just like the refs want a good, clean game, keep your home field clean and on point too. Having easy access to hand sanitizer and extra face masks are the smart way to prevent spreading germs. As the host, you should wipe down common areas frequently to keep surfaces disinfected too.

5. Plan a halftime game of your own

Why stay glued to the tube during halftime? Even if you can’t wait to see the performance, having an alternative option for guests will be much appreciated. Take to the outdoors for a ring toss (use snowballs if it’s what you’ve got).

6. Set up a station for kids to enjoy

Very few children actually want to watch the big game. They’re ready for those Super Bowl foods and playing with the other kids. Create a safe space where they can play with age-appropriate games and toys that will make it as fun for them as for the adults.

7. Go for personal portions

When it comes to Super Bowl, the snacks get top priority. Instead of making that giant stadium of snacks that every touches, think about plating your platters so that each item is an individual serving. From chocolate covered Oreos decorated to look like footballs to cups with dip and veggies ready to grab, you’ll be keeping things more sanitary. Or skip the cooking altogether and let Gersky’s handle your catering needs!


With these party-perfect tips, you’ll have the best Super Bowl party on the block!



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