5 Ways to Stress-Free New Year’s Eve Entertaining

Well, we did it! We made it to the end of this year and we’re looking forward to a new year beginning soon. No matter how this year turned out for you, we can’t pause time. Instead, we can roll with it and look forward to what’s to come.


Celebrating New Years with your favorite people doesn’t need to be riddled with stress. If you’re hosting people to party down with and raise up the upcoming year, you’ll find these 5 ways to stress-free New Year’s Eve entertaining will let you enjoy it all the more!


Light up your party space

Who doesn’t love a good display? Fortunately, you can easily add extra sparkle to your celebration space. Those twinkly high-tech lights can be programmed to sync with the music as they change colors for a more club-style vibe. Easier options include giving everyone glow-in-the-dark necklaces. Don’t forget the party top hats, tiaras, and even the shades that are shaped to next year’s date!


Let go of the past

Not every year is filled with sunshine and rainbows. Need to chase away negative energy? DO IT NOW! In China, people thoroughly clean for the Chinese New Year to rid their homes of bad luck. There’s no reason you can’t do it too. Plus, your home will be ready for your loved ones to come celebrate with you.


Serve foods that bring good luck

Different cultures have different traditions about eating foods that bring good luck. Whether you believe them or not, it can’t hurt to incorporate them into your New Year’s Eve menu. In the south, it’s common to eat black-eyed peas. On the other side of the world, Germans enjoy marzipan pigs and pickled herring (no judgement here).


In Spain, they pop 12 grapes in their mouths in time with each stroke of the clock. And in Asian cultures, eating long noodles is said to bring a long and prosperous life. Even if these are simply old wives’ tales, you’ll at least have a tasty menu that’s fun for everyone, especially if you order from Gersky’s.


Keep drinks sanitary

How many times have you set down your cocktail for just a second only to realize there are 5 others on the same table that look just like it? Instead of trying to guess, use charms on your champagne flutes, fasten name tags on with glow sticks, or consider single-serve options. This way, everyone can keep track of their own beverages without accidentally sharing them with someone else.


Keep your New Year’s kiss safe

The movie When Harry Met Sally popularized the time-honored tradition of the New Year’s kiss. However, a safer way to go about it is to share a kiss with someone from your own household, or failing that, blowing a kiss outdoors to someone a distance away.


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