Winter Entertaining at Home #3 – Host a “Celebrity” Night

You haven’t played Celebrity yet? I think it’s the easiest and funniest game night to host since there’s almost no prep –  just chairs for everyone, slips of blank paper and plenty of pens to go around.

The game rules: Each player/team gets 3-5 sheets of blank paper and writes the name of one “celebrity” on each sheet of paper. These can be ANYONE: living or dead, real or fictional, obvious or obscure. Watch the craziness ensue when folks try to give clues or guess names especially when they have no idea who the celebrity is!  Sounds too simple right? That’s the beauty of Celebrity. Easy prep and lots of laughs.

But we know that the game is only part of the fun. I’ve hosted many Celebrity game nights and have been to them at friends’ homes. Here are my 2 tips to make it a smashing success:

Tip #1. Start by providing lunch or dinner for your guests. This should be something quick and simple like sandwiches, soup or salad so that you can eat together then get right into the game. May we suggest our coconut corn chowder with a loaf of crusty bread? Your guests will love this on a cold winter day. You’ll find it and many other quick prep ideas under “recipes” such as our tuna cabbage salad.

Tip #2: Skip the meal and get right to it! Play mid-afternoon or later in the evening so your friends know it’s simply a game night. Set out munchies like pretzels, dried fruit or nuts for snacking during the game. Ask each guest/couple to bring a sweet such as candy, brownies, cake, etc.  After the game, serve coffee, tea and the sweets your guests provided. And you never know – this may give everyone just the perk-up needed to play another round!

Click here for complete game rules

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