Winter Entertaining at Home #4 – BYO Craft Cocktail Party

Craft Cocktails are all the rage but why go out to a noisy bar, spend big bucks and barely hear the conversation? Our suggestion? Host a BYO Craft Cocktail Party at home!

You provide the snacks, apps and sweets and each person, or couple, invited brings all the fixins’ for 1 craft cocktail. Why do we love this idea? Everyone enjoys trying out a new cocktail but providing all the liquors, mixers, embellishments, add-ins, etc is tricky and pricey to do on your own.

Here are our tricks and tips:

1. Invite 8-10 guests: this is a large enough number to get a sampling of cocktails but still an intimate enough group to have great conversation.

2. Evite, text or email guests, explaining the concept and asking them to provide everything needed for one cocktail. Make suggestions so you don’t end up with 4 bottles of gin and way too many limes and bottles of seltzer. Tastemade has recipes for 18 amazing and unique cocktail ideas so share this with your friends if they ask for a suggestion.

3. Set up a bar with a enough of each type of glass for each person to sample each of the cocktails that will be shaken or stirred. We suggest high ball, tall-drink and martini glasses.

4. Provide a variety of sweet and salty snacks to go with the libations. These are 3 of our fav apps: peach & blue cheese flatbread, chicken and scallion yakitori, and lemon and garlic hummus with pita. For dessert, our filled strawberries with chocolate topping and our marbled goat cheese brownies will be perfect.

If you’d like all of the fun and none of the food prep, we’re here to provide the apps and/or sweets for the party. Call us today to order from our a la carte menu. 845-621-0696

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