Winter Entertaining at Home #2 – Nostalgic Game Day

Who doesn’t love Dominoes, Monopoly, 1980s Trivial Pursuit, or the Game of Life? Nostalgic games are perfect for any group of friends or family including older kids. The beauty of this type of get-together is that everyone already knows each other as well as the rules of the games to be played.

A Nostalgic Game day or evening is one of the easiest to host because it only involves tables, plenty of chairs for everyone, snacks and drinks. Depending on the size of the group, I split everyone up into groups of four or 6 so that two games are being played at the same time. Hint: if you’re playing Monopoly, use the rules for a quick game.

When I host a Nostalgic Game afternoon or evening, I focus on the games rather than on having a meal first. Provide a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and have lots of salty and sweet snacks on hand including the traditional chips and pretzels plus a few of our favorite apps and desserts.

Two of my favorites appetizers are easy to prepare and guaranteed crowd pleasers: our lemon garlic hummus and spicy chicken dumplings. For a sweet treat, serve a batch of our ginger chocolate chip cookies.

Check back next week for Tips on hosting a Celebrity party.

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